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Is it time for you to turn the page and begin planning for the next chapter of your life? Let us help you prepare for your financial future.

Olson Wealth Advisory

Since 1992, Brad Olson of Olson Wealth has been working with clients throughout greater Cincinnati to help meet their financial and retirement goals. We are deeply rooted in the community and have developed our business by creating close, personal relationships with our clients. When you have retirement concerns, we want to help you address them.

Market fluctuations and economic uncertainty can present challenges for your retirement and pre-retirement strategy, and it may take more than just market performance to provide you the confidence you deserve for your financial future. Our philosophy is that a retirement should be built on a stable, reliable income and protection of principal. Access to guaranteed income streams allows a client to retire with confidence and clarity and not have to worry about stock market losses eroding their income or principal. That’s why we are committed to earning your trust, thoroughly understanding your goals and dreams, and helping keep you on the path to financial security.

With Olson Wealth, helping you meet your financial needs is our first priority. It’s our responsibility to evaluate and assess your financial situation and only make suitable recommendations, and we do so with integrity and transparency. Our experienced professionals are not just knowledgeable about finances; we also understand the importance of priorities, family, and confidence in your financial future. We use state of the art investment and insurance products in our process. Using these products allows a client to build a retirement plan that has stable, reliable, guaranteed income and insulate themselves from the negative effects of stock market fluctuations.

If you are serious about understanding your retirement options, we’re happy to meet with you. Contact us at or call us at (513) 657-1072 to schedule a time to discuss retirement planning and the potential benefits. Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Bradley M. Olson

Bradley M. Olson, CPA/PFS, is the founder and owner of Olson Wealth Advisory, a retirement planning firm in Cincinnati, Ohio focusing on helping clients retire with confidence and clarity.